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The first three days were quite as i began to get settled in to what would be my home for the next three years. I had been placed in a large dorm with...15 double bunks on one side and 15 on the other and a large area inbetween with card tables and a T.V mounted on a pole and there were two lockers mounted on the back of each bunk. with all the bunks full there were 60 guys in a dorm. for the most part it was half white and half black and a few mexecan. The end of the dorm where the door is was a. As each time went by, it seemed like we were each just a tiny bit more open with the flirtatious nature of our banter and actions.He would now hug me when I brought something over, little pecks to the cheek became pecks to the lips, then to short, soft kisses.Evan now began teasing me, "You know, you're giving him rises in his shorts, hon, you may have to relieve that for him one day, you know." Oh, come on, Evan, you're seeing things where nothing exists." Check out his shorts when he's around. Aiden is hot. My height and the dirty blonde hair, stereotypical Aussie guy who spends his summer on the beach or in the pool. I’ve since been told that Aiden was a top swimmer in high school and college, I could tell he still has that swimmers physique despite him wearing clothes.I was not wearing clothes, just standing there in a speedo with my swimming goggles in hand. A little weird but nobody seemed to think anything of it. Aiden and I chatted a little, he asked me how my swimming was, if. ” Eileen started undoing my belt buckle as I stood in front of her, while I started unbuttoning my shirt. She pulled down my pants and underwear in one movement until my pants were crumpled up around my feet. I sat down on the bed to take my shoes off, I could then remove my pants completely. Eileen told me to turn over on my stomach before I could pull my pants all the way off. I was then lying on her bed, on my stomach, with my pants and underwear wrapped around my feet. SLAP! “What the.
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