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Elbow Guy smiled. "You look even hotter in that sweater." RuthAnn didn't respond but she blushed a deep red. Elbow Guy wasn't great looking but he was...ok and he was also much younger than she was. Even though she knew it was a line, having a younger guy say she was hot made her, well hot. Then she felt Sports Guy starting the rub the side of her ass. She moved away from the touch but again her boobs moved right into Elbow Guy. "You're going to have to stop coming onto me like this." RuthAnn. " For part of your training, you are not allowed to come tonight," she revealed, my heart crashing hard.I whispered, unable to hide my disappointment, "Yes, Mistress."Her finger slid between my tiny breasts as she promised. "But don't worry Pam. Tomorrow I promise you orgasm after orgasm like you have never experienced." She kissed me one last time and said, "I am going to have a shower. Call your husband and feel free to share your submission to your new Mistress if you wish."I watched her. Things look black until she is bought one final time. CHAPTER 1 Id be the first to admit that I went off the deep end two years ago when my beloved wife died. It was actually a blessingshe had withered away over a fourteen month ordeal from some disease I had never heard of and never want to hear of again. I went out and bought a Lamborghini, spending more than a quarter million dollars. I drove around in 55 mph speed zones doing 100 or more. I told you I was acting crazy. Fortunately, I sold. "All I know is it better work or I'll give Sigfried a good cussing," Rose said."I'm sure if he made it things will work out fine. George and I will go look at it in a few minutes."We made our escape a little later and found all the stuff for the antenna on a pallet in the garage. It had been covered by a tarp and I hadn't noticed it.Sigfried had done one hell of a job all right. The tower was in eight foot sections and they all fit inside each other. To assemble it you merely bolted the big end.
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