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I would like you tohelp my niece Dawn, by becoming a ladies companion to her. You would be herconfidante. But first, I have to tell you who she real...y is."Do you remember the knight who molested you?" How can I ever forget." All of a sudden, Victoria realized who Dawn was."You are not going to tell me that Dawn is?." Yes, Dawn is or rather was Eric, the man who raped you. I want you to helphim/her appear more genteel and ladylike. I feel that she may relate betterto a girl her own age. . The guy between her legs gritted his teeth groaned and jerked his hips at my wife. When he pulled out he had filled the condom nicely. Another guy immediately appeared, he had a bottle of lube. You won't need that I thought, she gets soaking when she's getting a gangbang. But then I realised he wasn't after her cunt, her was going to be first up her arse that night (but certainly not the last). As I was enjoying this I realised the very first chap was making his way towards me. "Hello mate" he. I was turned on with the thought and I felt my cock hardening. I wanted to shake it off. However, on second thought, I thought it better to empty my load inside my wife Arpi; when she returned late that evening after her rendezvous with Ali and his friends. Her narration would act as an aphrodisiac, I thought.It became quite late. I had switched off all the lights in the house and was in bed holding my hard cock waiting for my wife; when I heard hushed voices at about eleven pm. I got up and. Then I caught him staring at me not concerning as he should be, but flustered I followed his eyes. My crotch, that’s were his eyes were on my cute little bunny knickers, my skirt had ridden up around my waste must have been from when I fell. Oh the shame, my cheeks were burning. He was coming over to help me when he tripped and landed on me, he just managed too brace his hands on both sides of me to stop from body slamming me. He was in a half kneeling half-straddling position above me, his.
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