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She rose up, removing her lab coat as she did so revealing nothing underneath but a black see through bra, matching panties, suspender belt and black ...heer stockings.Placing a small amount of lube on her finger and, without him seeing, she kissed him across his stomach. She licked the tip of his cock as she rubbed the lube around his ass and slipped her finger into his anus.He flinched at first but she had taken his semi rigid cock into her mouth and as she sucked on it she slipped the dildo. "Yup," Mom replied."I guess that's alright. Where has Tom's...I mean, our grandma beenanyway? I figure I should've seen more of her, especially consideringall that's happened," I inquired."Oh, well, a little bit before the whole Jack thing, she went on acruise with some of her friends. She just got back about two weeks ago.Heh, you should've seen her reaction when we told her what happenedsince she left," she replied with a bit of a snicker. I suppose findingout that one's grandchild was in her. After the initial kissing I slowly removed her top and bra and now she was top less in front of me. I was sucking and nibbling away at her 32 size boobs. She was biting her lips and scratching me to keep from moaning. She was playing with my hair and pushing my head towards her boobs asking me to bite her nipples harder in the meanwhile my hands were inside her bottoms And I was playing with her clit and stroking her ass. It was really wet waiting for my fingers. I asked her if she was a virgin. I drew my dagger."Let me just get a grip on this branch and I'll whittle you free." No!" he exclaimed. "Cut the braid if you have to, but leave the tree alone." Why?" Dutifully, I began plucking hairs from the branches without harming the tree. "It's just a tree." My warrior's braid took me a few years to grow," he explained, patiently. "But when this tree was a seedling, our ancestors were chipping stone tools and most still thought of fire as a dangerous novelty." How can it be that old?" I.
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