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I had brought the Bee Keeper’s Apprentice hoping to have time to read but it was left on the floor at my foot so far. The jackets were, to me, expen...ive, probably excellent, and I was utterly at a loss of what I should say or how to respond. They all seemed fine to me and I said so. Apparently I was not trusted to have sound enough judgment in this, which was probably fair.I think Lavi was getting annoyed. Her and Melissa’s reactions had steadily gone from “no” and “nah” to just irritated. For the first few weeks, Thomas refused to wear anything that appearedto be remotely feminine, he still had his boys clothes and MrsBraithwaite knew that she would have to be patient and that in just afew weeks his breasts would be to large to hide under his boy clothing.Three months after his mother had started him on the road to womanhood,the young boy had his first appointment at Dr Harris's gender clinic. Atthis stage the poor boy had still refused to wear girls clothing, eventhough his. ..s*s......Stranger: baby, you don't need to be nervous, i feel exactly the same way. *Sit up to take my school jumper off*Stranger: *unbuttons the top three buttons, showing off clevage, before returning my head to the pillow on your crotch*You: *i sit there stuned**i place my hand on your shoulder and start to rub slowl*Stranger: *starts moaning under my breath* you feeling any better now?You: a...a...bit..*you can feel my erection plusing under the pillow, start to move my hand. I looked at the others and said, “Excuse me, but I need to take this.” I stood and stepped into the hallway. I hit the Call Back button.“Grim! Thank God!”“Kelly, what’s wrong? I’m in a meeting.”“Grim, it’s your grandfather ... he’s, he’s ... Grim, your grandfather died.” I could hear the tears in her voice.My mind blanked. Grandpa dead? That was impossible! The man was larger than life to me. “Wha ... what...”“Grim, your mother just called. You need to come home.”“How?”Kelly was still crying..
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