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"Thought we wouldn't or couldn't later with everything. But, Steve's with the CNO at the JCS now, and I'm strictly a desk jockey." As Capt. Clement la...ghed, for the first time as far as Tracy could remember, she placed her hands on the desk. Her left hand was badly scarred. Suddenly, Capt. Clement's face went cold. "Parker, let's hear it from the top, " she asked softly. So, Tracy went over the jump plan verbally with one of the only 3 people allowed to know the details of the mission."0100. She was mesmerized by my cock staring at it. As was I by her young little pussy. She was done peeing but kept in her squatted position staring at me.She Said in a whisper, “Can I feel it” without waiting a response, she stood up with her shorts around her ankles and reached for my urinating cock. She took hold of it and began directing my urine at will and let out a giggle and said, “this is fun”She noticed my cock getting harder in her hand and said, “I have never saw one or even felt one. I did not even know where she lived, though I think I knew it wasn't far from me. The once we went out together she walked to my place. All this sounds like I had thought about her a lot, but really it's that afterward I had tried to reconstruct what I had known about her. The reason she was calling me at 2 a.m. was that she was looking for a place to stay. There was a fire in her apartment building (probably somebody hooking up a Christmas tree stupidly, one fireman told her) and. My parents were out at some party and my sister was on a school trip. About 9PM there was a knock on the door, go downstairs and answer the door, its Claire, looking kind of drunk standing there in the rain; she says “Hey Alex, is Jenny (My sister) there?” I then tell her that Jenny is on the school trip. She thinks for a second then remembers saying “Oh right!” She then asks if she could come in out of the rain. I say yes, she comes in and sits at the kitchen table I offer her a drink, and she.
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