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We go to the smoking area/room of the club, sit on a couch and talk some more.Not sure what triggers it, but when we are about to leave the smoking ar...a again, he grabs me, pushes me hard up against the wall, look deep into my eyes and then just starts making out with me, while he is pushing his body harder and harder against mine, so I feel like I’m being squised between him and the wall.After what felt like a 15-20 min make out session, he whisperers to me “Let’s go find a room”, grabs my and. Do you understand? Will you agree to these terms?" OK honey, I'll do better. I promise."I could swear that I heard a weak moan from her when I mentioned a spanking but maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part. On the other hand, the outline of those large nipples poking through her blouse was solid proof of something going on in her head. I was greatly encouraged.The next day, when I returned home from school, I found that mom had vacuumed the entire house, cleaned the kitchen and dusted. This was the very beginning of me giving oral sex. Jeff knew that I didn't have any experience with giving oral pleasure to him, so he would tell how he liked his cock sucked. Eventually, it got easier to do and it made me feel less stressed since there wasn't any way that I could get pregnant. Many times I would just suck Jeff's cock to give him pleasure and he would fuck me a little to give me mine. The relation worked giving both of us orgasms. To a young woman, it gave me a sense of power.. Grabbing my gifts I proceeded to door. Ringing the bell my heart began to race with anticipation. Nervous, I think not. Although I did feel a bead of sweat run down the back of my neck. It was warm for a May evening and the trees had begun to bud. Soon they would be showing their true, beautiful colors. All of a sudden my daydreaming was startled as the door abruptly opened and I was met by a warm and familiar smile. "Come on in", she said with an inviting smile, as the door opened. Walking in.
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