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As our lips just touched, I watched her eyes flutter closed, felt the warm breath escape from between her lips and in that moment we became far more siblings. We became one with each other and with the universe. Time stopped as lips parted. The gravitational pull of the sun moon and stars paled in comparison to the pull and need we had to be one. My heart pounded in my chest, seeking to escape the confines of my ribs and to beat with her. It was intense to begin, but with each second. ..“Who the fuck’s this?” Calvin finally gasped out“Never mind me, what the hell are you all doing with Gabriel?” Nathan snapped back“Oh God, Nathan, you’re right about Gabe! His ass is so hot!”“What? You mean you’ve all...?” Kyle asked. Shit...this won’t end well...“Oh Gabriel’s a bit of a player aren’t you, fit ass?!” Calvin wasn’t helping. But thankfully...“Shut the fuck up all of you!” the house leader yelled. “I’ve got a hot load wait to shoot, is anyone gonna take it in their hot mouth or. . bareback cum in ass. The other thing is he wanted me to crossdresser as a school girl. He lived in a trailer park only a few minutes away. I gave him my measurements prior to going over to his place. It was a Monday afternoon when I drove to his trailer. He welcomed me in, we shook hands while introducing ourselves and he seemed very happy to see me. I quickly noticed the video camera and lights in his living room area. He showed me to the back bedroom where the clothes he had purchased for. Richna pulled down her sareeand the petticout and followed Mukesh, herblouse still unfastened apart from 2 buttons, clearly showing her bra- ‘if I am to be the office randhi for the day there’s no pointtarting myself up’ she thought, ‘the blouse wouldn’t be staying on forlong anyway, going by today’s events’. She left Mukesh alone andfrustrated, closing his office door as she left.As she followed Raghu outside, Tarun and Danush were stood by waitingwith a smug look on their faces.“Right,” Raghu.
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