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I have just recently begun to see Karen in a sexual manner.Karen’s father, my sister Marie’s late husband, died when Karen was just a baby. As a r...sult, I became a father figure to Karen. It’s just been in the past few years that I’ve stopped thinking of Karen as that baby whose diapers I changed long ago.This particular weekend, Karen came to visit with Jackie and me so she could “veg”. She and her boyfriend Jon had had a big fight and Karen wanted to just get away for a few days. To help in. I started to rip off my clothes."Slow down, Sydney. There's no need to hurry," she said. "We have all night."I nodded okay and continued.Standing there, nude, the cool breeze from the air-conditioner chilled me. Goosebumps appeared, in tough competition with my nipples that had already protruded. Celeste stepped closer and I raised my hands to touch her.She rested her soft hand upon my shoulder, which kept her at an arms' length away."No. Not yet."She didn't tell me, she ordered.I stood there. 6-9 mins. I was feeling so unique to make her hornier. She was sucking my lips ans was biting them all.I caught her ass and was pressing slowly and she was making sound like hmmmm hmmmm aahhmmm aahhmmm and I slowly made my hand to go inside her naked ass. I was pressing her both the cheeks of her ass and I was feeling a unique type press other than those lemons. I made my move towards the hole that I made in deep touch through one of my finger and then I made it a smell. I loved it. I moved my. After seeing my wife getting fucked by her colleague Suresh i parted my relationship with her but we continued living in the same house for the sake of our daughter. If she comes to know she will be totally shattered. After this incident i started enjoying my life in a different way. I used to visit call girls have sex with neighbor ladies and I also enjoyed sex with my sil Priya several times. She had come to know about her sister Shipa adventure but all 3 of us decided to keep it the way it.
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