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It was a verygood idea because I was nervous and embarrassed at first, but gotcomfortable with my role by the end of the tea.The Halloween party went ...ery well, my friends were shocked, then amazedat the convincing Maid I had become for the party and how I managed tostay in character for the whole time. I properly referred to everyone asSir or Miss and did a lot of curtsying. My closer friends took turnsbeing my Master or Mistress by ordering me to refresh drinks or run othererrands. It was. She saw me and smiled i smiled back and said hiShe: sahill kaise ho hand kaisa haiMe: ekdum theek ab tohShe : medicines lena time peMe : aapka kaha toh bilkul bilkulShe: so yaha kaiseMe : asehi bus ek friend ko chorne aaya thaShe: ohhacha acha chal mai chalti hu ab(I started my car and went to her ashed her if i could drop her she said nai its okay maine kaha aajao mai shareef ladka hu , and she laghed at this and sat in the car !While in the car she was texting i asked her boyfriend ?She said. But the house that gets 3rd place gets punished less. The people in the 3rd place house are not selected to be put in the Glory hole area. Since they are still punished it is also every person for themselves. This means that the dorms of the 3rd place house are also unlocked but only during the days. The people in the 3rd place house are allowed to have the night time to themselves unless they are in the middle of being fucked. If they are being fucked the session is allowed to be finished and. I was not happy with the theme at all, and worse still, he got my mother and i costumes that were much too small. I was a cow, wearing a one piece swimsuit with a cow pattern that squished my tits together uncomfortably like those push-up bras from the Renaissance. In the middle was a cut out that showed off my mid-rift and over the area where my pubic hair would be if i didn't shave it all were four pink hard-plastic udders. My back was mostly bare except for the cow-print bottoms, below which.
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