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Diary, I woke early, showered, and went downstairs. I cleaned up around the house, picking up detritus from last night. I held off on washing the rema...ning dishes until Dad and Mom were obviously awake, so started making breakfast for us all, a mishmash of eggs, hashed potatoes, and chorizo all fried in a big skillet. I couldn’t help making some noise, but my parents don’t often sleep late, so figured that they’d be up shortly. I had the coffee ready and was setting the table when Dad came. Oh, please, Victor, please forgive me. I'm so sorry it ever happened and I'm sorry I did it." Now you're sorry? After months of being with him, you expect me to believe that it's over? After you betray me again and again, you just want me to forget it and go on as if nothing happened? How am I supposed to do that?" No, no, not forget. I know you can't forget it but you can forgive me. I was wrong and I know that. It will never happen again. I want to be with you and my babies. That's all I. He wastes no time and picks up his vigorous pace again. His large hands hold my hips, and every time he thrusts me forward, they’re there to pull me back to him. He fucks me hard and I moan through every push. “Ethan,” I gasp his name, and he pulls me up so my back is against his chest. His pace has to slow for the new position, but it’s still just as intense. I lean my head against him and my right hand stretches up to grab his neck. He places a kiss by my ear and his hand reaches around to. Deal?" Shekissed his cheek."Speaking of work. They have free child-care at the clinic. The one atDebbie's costs money." Okay. I'll take the baby." Thank you." He kissed her on the cheek. "Ew. You smell like spooge.Did you wash your face?"She smiled."Never mind. I didn't ask. I don't need to know. You are ... twis-ted."********"No baby today?" Two-Debs asked as Kinny clocked in."I got a reprieve from the governess." Change of uniform today. Are you cool with wearing a skirt?" I'm okay." Your.
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