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I opened my eyes to see the cute girl I had picked up the night before, the memories of which came flooding back to me. I watched as Brittany sat nake... on the edge of the phone talking to whoever was on the other end of the line. “Yes dad… I went to a club… I met a guy… No, he was a complete gentleman… Yes, I’ll come back to the hotel soon… see you later, bye.” She hung up the phone and looked at me apologetically, “sorry, that was my dad.” She motioned at my phone. She climbed back into bed. It started with Luke's eating habits, he wasstarting to have extra snacks during the evenings, and, I was prettysure, throughout the day as well. As the extra eating took its effect,and Luke's once-hard lines grew into softer curves, Luke noticed aswell. The morning and evening meals became smaller and more healthy, andhe even started to accompany me on my twice-weekly trips to the swimmingpool, despite his timidity about placing his hairless soft body onpublic display. Things were perfect. (Winds of Revenge, Part I was posted in late October, 2017)-------------------------------------They still had my school ID card. Those East Side Prep high school girls had taken it a week before after abusing my face for well over an hour under the bleachers after our Westside High football team had ruined ESP’s perfect season.Olivia had said I would get my card the following Friday, which was today, but as I neared the Shake Shack, I didn’t see any high school girls. Stupid me! Duped again.. Sex magic quickly became Caitlin’s favourite field of study.When she was of age, Caitlin found a local coven dedicated to the dark arts. As part of her rituals there, Caitlin did every dirty perverted thing possible. Her virginal high-school admirers would die if they knew what the object of their fantasies did in her spare time. One particularly memorable session saw Caitlin get assfucked by the 85 year old coven leader. He thought it was a ritual to boost his virility and keep the same.
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