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She tossed her bra on the sofa and came back to my arms. I immediately began to fondle her tits again, feeling her nipples harden under my hands. S...e pressed herself to me, moaning softly as I paid particular attention to her nipples. We broke apart for a moment, both breathing heavily. “We . . . need to . . . uh . . . get some . . . stuff done.” I got out, shaking my head like a wet dog. “Uh . . . I thought we were . . . doing stuff.” she replied, obviously disappointed. “And we will do. Inside was a strip of condoms, a tube of personal lube and a number of objects that looked like long thimbles of varying diameters. The smallest was the size of my pinkie finger and the largest about two inches thick. They were anal dilators, he said and were medical devices he bought on-line. He was going to use them to gently widen my opening.Marcus lifted my knees and spread my thighs. He had me pull apart my butt cheeks and said to relax the muscles in my bottom. Then he smeared the lube. Jim then got in the shower as Janet took her turn on the toilet. Their mornings had begun to be routine. Janet stepped into the shower and embraced Jim while giving him a long hard good morning kiss. Her hand went straight to his ass to pull him tight against her body. Jim used one hand to grab her ass and with the other, her reached under her ass to rub her pussy from behind. Janet wrapped her left leg around him to give him more access. Jim rubbed her clit a few strokes then slipped a finger. They’d also had a small gas cylinder there for a gas ring they had, but we didn’t know this either. Of course, with the place on fire and all the flames and smoke, I didn’t see the cylinder until it was too late. What with it being heated from the fire and then to be suddenly sprayed with cold water, the fucking thing exploded. I suppose I was lucky in one respect that most of the cylinder in its exploding, went outwards from the water spray, except for one piece. This ripped into my inner.
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