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I had actually had sex with Lana as well, and might have done the same with Claudia if my hunger for blood had not come to the forefront. Should I get out of this, or is this merely a part of what I'm becoming? I'm to blame for turning every one of them. I must be more careful with my feeding in the future, lest I turn this whole place into a vampire settlement.' Louie said to himself.Trying to push these thoughts aside, Louie managed to fall into a deep sleep, awakening the following. Helen had some lead concubine lessons and Joan some chief mother lessons. The AI would watch the dependents. My day was set aside for the trials planned for the Earth Firsters.I asked my ladies to be ready to go over their enhancements if we had time. I mentioned that I would be rolling back Joan and Helen’s ages to about twenty and that the teenagers would not be being changed too much. I told them I was removing most hair below the neckline, all scares, all tattoos and just do the things. It was a challenge to me and I worked hard." Ok, you worked hard. What about what you did find?"I spent more time in those computers than I did in my own. I tried to build a program within their machines that would record all that was done on the keyboard but it proved impossible because of their system security. One time I got into the machine. It must have been a surge by lightning but I'm not sure. Three programs had been running in one computer. The temp files suffered a CRC errors. The. I for one would love to serve you and to get a hold of this wonderful pussy next to me.” As Marilynn spoke her last she moved to put her arm around Angel.“Angel, how do you feel about that?” Scott queriedAfter an uneasy silence Angel spoke, “Master, I want with all my heart to be your slave. I have given myself to you and that will not change as long as you want me. I will serve you in anyway that you desire. Even if that means I must be number two, or three, slave. But NO, I do not want.
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