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”“The ideal shape. Here, look in the mirror. Do you see how beautiful you are? Like the Venus de Milo. Not these, of course, although she original...y had arms. But these are just the shape of her breasts. Watch yourself. See? She didn’t look like this. The place she posed must have been warm. Now, let’s get these off.”“But you’re still dressed.”“And look the better for it -- not good but better. You, on the other hand ... Beautiful and sexy -- rising out of your panties and jeans as if from sea. It was June 6th, 1984,I had just graduated a college programming course and my whole life was ahead of me, nothing but fun in the sun for a while.A bit of a geek, I often found myself in the video games aisle of walmart, staring at the new releases and the charts. They would change on a regular basis but I would still be there, every day, just perusing the games until one day, I saw him.He didn’t hesitate to try to pick me up, I was of course quite a popular name.Alas, I’m not cheap and. "Fuck. Whatever. I let him in. Not sure why and it was totally amistake because I have so much left over coke from all my time with Jackthat I could probably deal it myself. Thing is, it's getting low - notlow as in running out, but lower than I like it to be. For some reasonI take pride in my collection. I'm such a fucking idiot. So I let himin and all I really want is for him to either stay the hell away from meor to legitimately apologize and assure me he will never lay a hand onme. So this is my first experience or my first story on ISS if will you like my story so must mail me on Now coming to the storyMeri age 20 me surat me 1 bachelor boy hu .Co. Me job krta hu or 4 bje k bad free rheta hu to is free time me mera fb using jyada hota h vese iss pe story read krte krte muje sex ki bhot i6a hoti thi pr koi parter thi nai kafi muth mare bt life real experience chahiye tha Ese me fb me meri friend jo unknown thi uska name shalini tha so uske sath normal chat hone lgi or ku6.
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