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My parents were not due home until dinner time so I had several hours of privacy.I went into the bathroom and locked the door. I removed the shorts I...had worn to swim in the lake and felt the weight of the pendant. I held the chain and wondered what it would feel like. There was a full length mirror on the inside of the bathroom door. I stared at my reflection as I lifted the chain over my head and felt the necklace against my chest.There was that same ripple in the air around me and. She's really sexy, and she likes to flaunt it." Didn't bother me at all. In my business, I'm used to it." I guess you're used to fucking your models who like to flaunt it, too." Only sometimes," I lied. "When they're sexy enough. It doesn't happen too often."Alisa relaxed a little, smiling across the table at me. "That's good to hear. I'd love to be a slut like Karen..." Oh, I think you can do it, if you work at it."Alisa giggled. She reached out under the table and grasped my hand. I stared. You're able to do so much more than Bunny or I ever could. You never lived under the type of domination we constantly lived under." I won't go into all my reasons for knowing it, but you have no way of knowing just how wrong your statement is. All three of us were just dominated for different reasons, and by different people. All three of us were crippled by it. Uncle Bunny was just able to hide his better. Are you ready yet to tell me what you want from me?" I don't want anything." I want to. The way you screamed when the third guy filled your ass, if we didn't know better, we might have thought you weren't enjoying yourself.Her mouth dropped open in amazement. Could this be true? Could this really have happened? See crawled to the TV, turned it on and pushed play on the VCR remote. She cringed as she saw the laughing men unzip her dress and move her to the two stallions who sandwiched her between them as they pounded her in nest and anus. The scene then jumped to a shot of her atop.
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