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"I can't believe he did that to you," he whispered, stroking her face ever-so-gently. She didn't know why, but she stood on her tip toes, so that her...face was a little closer to his, albeit still a few inches shorter. She wanted to kiss him, and show him how grateful she was, right here in this alleyway. This notoriously dangerous alleyway. She didn't care. The alcohol, the betrayal by her ex and the sudden flush of desire for the man, her dear friend, standing in front of her, fuelled her. “Why did he keep it hidden? How did he get it? Who shot the picture?” I had asked this to myself a thousand times over the last few minutes.But, one look at the photo, and I had all the answers to my questions. Because I knew it was I, myself, who gave him the opportunity to have this photo. I let him have it.It was definitely a photo shot by my own son. And, also, I was posing for him. But, this was not what it was meant for. I did not let him click a picture of mine for him and his friends to. He began to explain the school rules and dress code to them. Both their mouths dropped open and they just looked at him. I don’t think so. You can’t make us do that! It is school policy. The reason for this dress code is to have the students concentrate on their learning and not their attire. But if girls have to be naked then why do boys get to keep their underwear or shorts on. He said that’s because boys of this age can’t control their erections. It is very hard for boys to walk around naked. This continued time and time again, and was done later with two, and even three fingers, which was more than Christina had ever felt in her almost virginal ass. ‘I think you’re ready for something warm, wet and soft in your little brown hole,’ Kim groaned as she spanked Christina’s ass, ‘so I’m gonna stick my tongue up your butt. I’m gonna tongue fuck your asshole, Christina. Would you like that?’ ‘Oh Jesus Christ, yesss. I would love to feel your tongue in my butt, Lil’ Kim. Please, PLEASE.
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