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With myfigure that night, probably about a 38D-24-38, I had obtained mygoal of being an hourglass bitch. The night goes on with theusual show on stage... showing off some of the gurls that fit thetheme of the night, though I didn't go up there, stage fright Iguess, though someone asked me if I would.So I'm watching this show from the crowd with everyone else andthese two guys, who unknown to me, had been watching my movesthroughout the night, were directly behind me. I was just curiousand looking. Victoria had very dark, big eyes and she looked up at me pleadingly and asked if I would help her to get on restriction.Even in my wildest dreams I could not have imagined being asked by Victoria to HELP her to get on restriction. The girl’s desires for misery were kind of dark but also kind of hot!Waverly smiled wickedly and said that we could definitely help her out. She put her arm around Victoria and then Victoria stared daggers at Waverly’s arm and then at Waverly but allowed herself to be. "What about me Santa?" Denise asked expectantly, "Shall I come and sit on your knee?" Oh yes" he laughed, "But you've got to give Santa a great big kiss first"She sat on his lap and lifted her face up to his for a kiss, my prick stirred again as I saw her tongue snaking between his teeth and I heard the little moans of desire I was so familiar with.She moved slightly and moaned again as she wriggled on his lap,"There's something hard in your pocket Santa" It's part of your present Denise" he. I tried to organize my thoughts, but they kept revolving in my head. Of all the things I could have been thinking of, memories of Nicole as a little girl, of her getting married, the million and one things that could have run through my mind; I thought of an old television show.It was an old Don Johnson show that ran in the late '90s called "Nash Bridges." He played a smart-ass character, who was really the same character he'd played in Miami Vice, only older and divorced, with a grown.
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