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Every time he came out of his office and passed by me to get a file, he’d reach into my dress and squeeze my tits or pull on my nipples. If I was copies, he’d step up behind me and slip his hand under the hem of my short dress and shove a couple of fingers up my pussy. Since the morning blowjob in his car, my pussy had been moist, and every time he squeezed my big boobs, I’d get even wetter, so his fingers slipped easily into my wet cunt when he did this.At lunchtime, he took me to a. I ask for a lot of varied information. The request was not unusual, and wouldn’t have been questioned anyway. That’s the job. A preliminary report appeared on my screen a few hours later. I bought a new IBM Thinkpad–just in case she threw the thing out the window-and programmed the presentation myself. The whole thing was a turn-on, and several of Los Angeles’ most beautiful submissive whores presented their pimps with record profits during the two weeks before I flew to, of all places, Saint. ?Well I think you make avery attractive woman? Claude said at last. ?I think you would pass as awoman in most circumstances. There are a few masculine hints about youbut, to be honest, these are pretty much unavoidable given that you are,in fact, still a man with some prosthetic female additions. I think youwere only ?read? because Geoffrey, as a practising crossdresser himself,is attuned to recognise such clues. There isn?t anything Marjorie or Ican do to eliminate these few remnants of your. "Well," said Ellen. "Our first male. I can't tell you how pleased I amthat we can now tell our customers' bean counters that we're no longerexclusively female. It'll make a big difference right off the bat. So,I'm sure you have some questions."I squirmed uncomfortably. "Actually, before we get too deep into thework, I wonder if you could point me toward the men's room," I said.Ellen paused thoughtfully. "You know, we've never had a male employee,so we don't have a men's room." Not even for male.
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