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Jordan kept rolling his eyes after each piece of clothing was put onhim.Jordan couldn't believe he was actually doing this and was going todress as a ...oman and go to a salon. Let alone go to work the next daydressed the same way. He knew it was going to be funny, that he agreedwith Anna. It's just the embarrassment of not knowing anyone at the newjob when he took off the dress that was going to be hard.Once Jordan was dressed, Anna pulled him over to her makeup mirror."Now sit babe, I'm just. " "I don't know if I can believe you Jerod. I thought you did but it looks like I was wrong." "No, you weren't wrong, I do love you and I didn't know how much until I after I went to bed last night. I'm hurting too Sissy, I'm hurting because I have lost you." "I heard you crying last night and I wanted to come into your room and comfort you, but I couldn't because of what you and my mother had done. I still love you but my heart now has a hole as big as the moon. I don't know if that will ever. She made her way back to the other two and lay beside them, her arms wrapped lovingly around them and fell asleep again for a while.Although sleeping, the others instinctively moved closer to their troubled friend and when all three awoke they were almost as entwined as on a previous occasion.Harry drowsily rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and then kissed Gwen tenderly on the lips."Don't blame yourself for what happened. We both loved it just as much as you did and we all have to take. ” Mat watches her every nuance as she processes his words. Mostly she’s curious how deep a gutter his mind really is. What kind of stuff does he want to do with her? Haven’t they done a lot already?“Maybe I will like it.” Those are the words she decides on. Mat closes his eyes, inhaling slowly.“Just because you may like it doesn’t mean we should do it.”“Why?” Mat opens his eyes.“Because this isn’t about me.”“If you’re trying to make this about me, then give me what I want.”“What do you.
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