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"Tony reluctantly walked into the salon and immediately was greeted byKelly."Good morning, and it's wonderful to see you again, Miss Crespo," saidKell.... "You're right on time, and I'll take you right to the back to getthat hair washed out."Tony slowly followed Kelly to a chair at the back of the salon, whereshe proceeded to wrap a black plastic cape around him. She tilted hischair back and placed his hair in the sink, as Diane appeared, lookingdown at him."Good morning, sunshine," chirped Diane. "Oh, it's not your fault. I wasn't looking where I was reaching," he saidhonestly. He had suddenly glanced at Lysa's cleavage as she was pouring thecoffee. One of those instincts men can't resist. Especially with the silksun dress she was wearing. The coffee hit him about mid-thigh. He glanceddown and saw it was red, but no blistering. As the pain subsided, Marksuddenly realized he was standing in Lysa's kitchen with no pants on and apair of underwear soaked in wet water."Are you okay, Mark?. Maybe it’s Daddy’s room and maybe not. As I’m thinking about this, Daddy tells me to stand up. He always tells me to stand up, I’m not sure why. He tells me I look cute, “So cute, baby,” he says. This always dissolves me, his telling me I look cute and calling me “baby”... My worries and thoughts start to float away and I’m becoming Daddy’s submissive little girl, no longer a woman in my 30’s with all my problems and adult concerns. I only want to please Daddy and do what Daddy wants now. And. John had been harrassing and touching my mom since day one, saying she could have anything she wanted if he "owned" her. The day after we left grandma's place, my mom was determined to get through. I don't know if it was circumstances, or she needed and excuse to do it, but she immediately went to John to take him up on his offer. My mom told him she would do what he wanted, but she needed a big pay raise, extra hours, amongst other things. John agreed, but told her she knew what he wanted. My.
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