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" "Fuck!" I cursed, wanting to just beat him until he couldn't actually talk, yet I believed his threat and my future was in his hands... or in this, his dick. "Maybe," he replied. I stared at his dick, still shocked such a scrawny loser could be packing such a big one. God had a twisted sense of humour. I took a deep breath, opened my mouth and, after one last pause, a last hope he wouldn't make me do this, I leaned forward and took his cock between my lips. "There you go," he confidently. Rapidly rubbing and bumping her palm against her clit, sending hot ripples of pleasure through her, as she feels the throbbing of my hard pre-cum moistened cock gliding within her other hand. I slid my hand from your breast and grasp a handfull of her hair to expose her shoulders and neck to my lips. Leaning down I kiss along her neck while I was slowly stroking my finger in her ass, then pressing my lips against her ear and whispering Mmm, your ass is sooo hot..I want to fuck your ass…do you. When Mommy brings her boyfriends back to the mansion I dress up as a French maid with a frilly short black skirt, white lace apron, stockings and heels. At nights when I'm alone with Mommy I like to wear a pink frilly little nightie. I have a selection of wigs and make up, and Mommy gives me hormone pills every day along with my daily vitamins that keep my skin soft and feminine and that have helped me to develop pretty little A-cup breasts and a feminine swell to my hips and butt. I shave my. That term I got to know Catherine more and more. Often she would stay behind after class to ask me to clarify some point in Chemistry. Then as the term wore on, she would just stay behind for a chat. Once or twice we went to my flat for a cup of tea and a chat. It began to dawn on me that this crush was a two-way thing but I wasn’t sure and I certainly didn’t know how to develop it. A week before school closed for the Easter break, I got a phone call from Catherine’s Mum. In a few, terse words.
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