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"I see that you're not evacuating any Ghalerans either... heh. And this just happens to be an Exploration Forces shuttle. The Ghalerans help us, but w...en some of them might be in trouble, we leave them behind... well, you're not leaving my sister behind. Since I see only one pilot, I'll take the co-pilot chair, and my sister can have mine. No arguments. I just found out she was alive when I thought she was dead, and I am not about to lose her again." The look of jealousy faded from Rebecca's. ?Jason obviously knew sometricks she didn't.? Something inthe back of her head told hershe would have to find out what they were. Jason was still holding Sarah's hair when Daria made anagonized moaning noise.? Quickly,Jason pulled back, pressedSarah's face back into Daria's crotch and whispered, "Finishher quickly.? Lick hard and veryfast." Sarah did.? The bound formstarted writhing with renewedintensity and the moaning noises from above had turned intohard quick grunts.? Daria wasvirtually. After he gets finished, I unwrap and unwind my towel off so that I am wholly and sheerly naked. It is time……now…….. I feel his steady hand touch and graze my own breast. The feeling is highly wonderful and intensely divine indeed. With it, I even feel my vagina stir and whisk about in lechery. This makes me crave and want more from him as a result. Before long, his lips and teeth are at my breasts and nipples themselves, licking slowly and unhurriedly here, and then there, nibbling and biting. Pinbu sunniyai porumaiyaaga muzhuvathum vizhungi umbi vital, haaaaaaaaaaaaa ena oru sugam sunniyil. Pinbu akkavai padukaiyil paduka vaithen, avalin kaalil irunthu mutham koduthu konde pavadaiyai thuki konde sendren.Aval thudai thadimbalaaga sexyaaga irunthathu, athai thudaiyai naki konde avalin kuthiku sendren, akka pundai muzhuvathum athigamaaga mudi irunthathu.Avalin mudi iriku pundaiyil vaai vaithu nandraaga naka aarabithen, appadi nakum pozhuthu sila mudigal vaaiyil vanthathu athai thupi.
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