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My cell rang.“Hey honey, what’s up?” It was Liz.“You know that I gave you back all of those city ledgers a while back?”“Yeah, so?”“Wel..., I took pictures of the pages before I gave them back to you?” she said, sounding worried.“And?”“I found something really odd, when you come home later; I’ll explain it all OK?” she said confidently.“I love you!” I said.“I love you more, Davey!” she said sounding flirty.“There is no Hermann Gregoire, David!”“Really - See you later, kiddo!”I woke up the next. “Lift your legs,” I breathed, half expecting her not to understand the words, and I was right – she didn't move, except to relax her muscles a little to allow me to clarify the request. I raised her thighs and got my hands into the crook of her knees, then pushed them up. Airis raised her bottom and after a brief pause to give herself permission, she accepted that I wanted to lick her arse, and made it available to me, pulling her knees back and surrendering to the situation. After half a. Initially, it was painful, then he used lots of saliva and was fingering to open the hole a bit and then successfully managed to get the tip of the bottle in.He left the bottle hanging from the hole and was laughing at the site. He would keep pushing it in and pulling it out as much as he could.Kishore meanwhile came up and started stroking my cock and squeezing my balls. He then took my cock in his mouth and starting sucking. It felt good after a long time. This took my attention off the pain. My eyes flew open only to see Mrs. Jorgenson’s face next to mine. I started to speak only to have Mrs. Jorgenson’s tongue plunge into my mouth.Although totally taken off guard, I began to respond to the deep kiss. I could feel my pussy tingling.Breaking the kiss, Mrs. Jorgenson said, “Damn Caroline, you kiss as good as your mother.”I had long suspected that my mom and Mrs. Jorgenson were lovers. At school, the girls would laugh and giggle at the prospects of their mom’s involvement in les and.
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