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"Darryl, tell me the truth, looking at these pictures of me in the window with the light in my hair, do I really look like this to you, or is this som...thing only the camera can see, because I can't." I can see it all in my mind, although not always with my eye. But a photographer must always see more in his mind than his eyes can see, just like a musician must be able to hear the orchestra when he looks at a sheet of music. Now I see you in a white bustier, please."Courtney, ducking giggling. I used one finger to reach all the way to the bottom of her slit and slowly draw upward along the moist opening until my fingertip made contact with the hard little nub, and her hips jerked in reaction. I used the nail of my finger to gently tickle the little bud, and finally, eased my finger in and curled it up behind her Mons to find the soft inner spot. The moment I touched it, her vaginal muscles contracted hard around my finger, and her whole body contorted as another powerful climax shook. One girl Sailaja (she was in the tenth class) used to attend the tuitions, she was fair and slim and was good at studies. Initially I had no bad feeling about her but after my recent ‘adventure’ I was feeling different about every girl/woman I saw. I used to take classes from 6 pm to 8 pm every day, there were only two girls in the batch, the rest were all boys, one day nobody turned up to tuition, after 6:30 Sailaja came to my house. I asked her to study social (as he has a test the next day). To me he looked older than the last time we talked. He had short red hair and a long beard. He wore a flannel shirt and blue jeans with a pair of white socks. Her mother and the other guy, who I assume was her uncle both sat in bathrobes, which were blue in color."You remember J.T. and the talk you had with him back when we dated last?" Tammy said, testing the waters."Yes honey?" her father said."Well what if I told you that he knocked me up?" She asked."I'd tell you that I was happy for my.
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