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The first night we made love in her and Sara's shared apartment, falling asleep with her in between us. As we woke up the next morning, we told her to...keep her eyes closed. "We have a surprise," Sara said."No peeking!" Lee continued. She smiled like a birthday kid as we slipped the velvety blindfold over her eyes.She sat up and turned left and right, trying out her new sense of the world, feeling our presence on the bed beside her. "Okay, I'm ready, what is it?"We closed in on her, Lee wrapping. “Is it something we need to be worried about?”She patted my hand under the table and I knew she was worried as well because she was frantically reviewing the charges to see where they might be directing this tactical change to gain a slight advantage.“I wouldn’t be too concerned, Mike, I expect they will do this throughout the entire trial to impress the jurors that they are still finding evidence and where there is smoke there is fire.”Still, I did not lower my guard and I looked at the. Even the guys found them irritating but they did have an eye on their hot bodies.The one thing most of them disliked in them was doing TikTok in their room. When I was studying back then, it was called But since it was its old name, I would stick on to the ‘TikTok’ name. They even missed dinners and stuff and would roam around doing TikTok.Because of this, even though they were fucking hot bods, they were single. They both shared a room and many of us even thought they were. Once the device was all in place I reached into the box for the lock. I slipped it through the little hole, but before I snapped the lock shut I flipped the box upside down but nothing else was in there. No key. Hmm, I had to pause for a moment and consider that once I locked it, it was there to stay. Sure, I could probably cut it off, but it would not be easy. So until I was with Mistress, I was locked up. Time was ticking, and I could feel the pull of my need to serve her mix with the fear of.
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