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I explained my problem to the other cast members that questioned my absence downstairs in the break room and they understood.After curtain call I rush...d backstage to grab my street clothes and depart without bothering to remove my make-up or costume. I wanted to leave before my ex-lover could see me. I scanned the lobby for her presence and not seeing her I headed for the exit. Before I could dart out the side door I was stopped by Shawna. She informed that my ex-lover had indeed questioned. “But you were all drinking, correct? You’re not going to get in trouble for drinking. My report shows you were not the driver. So let me rephrase my question a bit. Did you and your three friends meet up and have drinks with Mr. Anderman?”A nod.“But not in a bar?”A nod.“A restaurant?”A head shake.“His home then?”A nod.“Was there a woman there that a night?”He closed his eyes.“Mr. Azzhat. Was there a woman at Mr. Anderman’s condo the night you were there? The night of your accident.”Nothing.By. “Give her an hour or two to rest and she’ll be as good as new.”I was already halfway out the door.“If I hurry, I might get there before they’re done!” I said over my shoulder, slamming the door and making a point to lay some rubber as I pulled away.As I was able to hear, second-hand, Stacy sighed and slapped her hands on the table.“I know we can say anything in front of him, but some things you just don’t want to talk about in front of your father,” she said.“Even if you’re fucking him,” Joanie. I’ll give you the combination when you go back to school. Don’t be surprised if they have a banner or something up when you get back. You’re famous right now.”I rolled my eyes. “Great! Just what I wanted.”“Randy and the other boys have all been kicked out of school. I don’t think I told you yesterday, but I was called down to the office yesterday and had to tell Mrs. Hollister what happened. She had read about it in the Times-Dispatch and wanted to know if it was true. I don’t know how she.
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