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I got off my daughter and was trying to put my nightie on when he slapped my ass and told me I could wear nothing in this house without his permission... I ran to the kitchen and prepared breakfast as I could hear them making love in the bedroom. I was jealous wishing he was fucking me instead as they arrived and sat down. I started to sit also, but he yelled at me that a slave didn't eat without permission and my place was on the floor cleaning his cock while he ate. I crawled under the table. Not of any kind. You know that.”An angry blush prickled Hotene’s cheeks. “But I only wanted to –”“I’m sure you had good intentions,” I added, trying to forestall an explosion. “But you’ve seen what weapons did to humankind. Ship won’t allow us to repeat that mistake.”“Fine.” Hotene’s shoulders hunched as she turned on her heel. “You don’t have to lecture me.”“I’m not trying to –” But she was already gone, stalking up the slope and disappearing into another line of trees. Untroubled by the. As she lay before me a little bit intimidated by my lack of shyness, waving my cock around like a weapon that she knew she would have to accomodate in more ways than one today.Her one piece bathing suit was at the foot of the bed. I stepped on it as I brandished my cock, gripping the base tightly and pumping it to fucking quality status, so that it swelled tightly, fully engorged, pointing menacingly in her direction."That is so...big. I'm getting worried. I'm...excited...but a little scared of. She could have had her pick of all the guys in the neighborhood. She agreed and early the next day we went and got her things.That day she spent finding places to put all of her stuff and learning where everything was while I was at work. When I got home I found that she had cleaned, something I had only half done since moving in, and she had put together a real supper for us. That night I didn’t invite anyone over to visit because I thought she would be too tired to enjoy a lot of loud.
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