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But before I get too far ahead of myself, we have to go back to the beginning, back to when I had to first determine what qualified as “risky” to ...e. One idea that I had always thought was risky, and that got me excited, was playing in public/ outdoors. Once again, when I thought about it in this context, I got extremely excited and horny. Therefore, I decided that a pretty risky place to do it would be in one of the public bathrooms at my school, and once I had decided on a location, I began. Okay I said and after getting her address I changed and left leaving a note for my ex (I do not even like saying his name so please forgive me on that, he is just my ex and you fill in the blanks, Shithead, asshole, fuckoff or whatever. Well, I had shaved that morning so was nice and clean and I put on some body oil that I liked and it was also a flavored oil if one wanted to lick or taste it (I was hoping). I drove over and went to the door and Jackie opened the door and she too was barely in. The State had made recreational weed use legal a few years ago, and since the effect of the pot was not felt for an hour or more because it took time to metabolise, I could walk to the theater, buy my ticket, and get settled before the effect hit. I called my wife & told her I would be home with food after the movie. She said she understood.I had a chocolate/pot square, put on a pair of shorts, a pull-over shirt, sandals, and walked to the movies. Being a Tuesday, the multiplex was not crowded.. Some were covered in cum, but others I had only admired. Some were from ex-girlfriends, some I bought, some I found in laundramats, and a few I stole. Eventually Erica and I worked out a trade, and she took a cute white thong that said 'Sexy' at the back holding the 3 strips together.Then Erica asked "So what other things are you into?"I figured there was nothing to lose, so I told her about how I enjoyed webcamming, showing off on it and using toys, how I liked shemales and cross dressers.
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