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She experienced sensations so fantastic that she feared she might faint with joy before he was all the way in her. Brian raised his hips and felt the ...ip of his cock slide between his partner’s vaginal lips. Then, slowly, carefully, he lowered himself and felt his cock start to slide into her. Fran couldn’t believe how wonderful making love with Brian was. Slowly, ever so slowly, he moved his hips, making his cock slide deep into her. Then he pulled it out, driving her wild! Thrills coursed. Over the next few months, he became very persistent and wanted me to give him more than just a hand now and then. He really wanted more from me, which I was still just not ready to give him or at least not just yet.Then one day something very strange happened that got me thinking more about what he had said he wanted to do with me. I didn’t say anything to him about this new feeling that was beginning to gnaw at my guts in such a way that I could really see myself breaking down and coming. Will it be shaved? or hairy, will it have big puffy lips or small dainty ones.......You walk into the room and I'm already turned on by the sight of your sexy body, you come and lay down on the bed next to me and we started kissing, our tongues entwining and playing with each other. My hand slides over your body and down your shirt, I inch and lay with your nipples and feel the weight of your boobs in my hand, it isnt long before your top is off and im licking and sucking your perfect nipples. Seconds later, the guard came in for our tickets, the room probably smelt of sex and we were both very flushed, my boyfriend trying to hide a huge boner in his pants. After the guy left, I rubbed him through his jeans and he came with a low moan, making a real mess. Ah, heady days! Now I'm doing the same thing alone. As I read the story and rubbed my clit, I felt so excited and so naughty. I hadn't felt so fucking horny in a long time. It only took a couple of minutes for me to be right on the.
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