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I am ready to give up, when I see "I'll Take You" the title isn't much, but it peaks my interest so I open the page in a new tab. The post reads:I getting into your little green Volvo. You were wearing black shorts, a red top, black bra and sexy black sandals. Your toenails are painted red, my favorite color, almost like you knew, your hair is curly, red, and sexy around your face... and your full lips were slightly parted due to the oppressive heat and humidity, they're also red... And. I mean I was about to turn around and leave. I‘d try putting down the tray, I’d think of sport or something to get my boner down and wait and then knock. I suppose I’d hear her finish. God she was loudly groaning as her assured climax approached.Then a mother’s intuition or a woman’s feeling she is being watched or that sixth sense reaction that a cock is at hand, led her to open her eyes. Well whatever it was, she rolled over, her legs splayed, and there was her full womanhood spread on the. ()()He looked down in shame at his predicament, letting her scornful laughter assail him mercilessly. She approached, like a cat stalking a mouse, placing a booted heel between his shoulders, pinning him to the mirror, forcing him to face his perverse alter ego, eye-to-eye."I've come home early thanks to Mrs. Lord's troublesome son, Gordon." She informed himcurtly. "Were you talking to him earlier?" NO!" He gasped." Certainly not." Are you sure?" She spat venomously, grinding her boot into his. She blushed profusely when she heard that and replied shyly “No, no beta, I got ready a little because I’m coming to see you.” twiddling with the pallu of her saree.“Oh aunty ... so sweet of you...” I said, pulling her close to me and wrapping my arms around her heavy thick body in a warm embrace. Feeling her hard heavy breasts press against my chest, my fatigued cock stirred within my boxers.“I missed you aunty.” I said to her tenderly, as I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her.
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