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In seventeen years he was the only man she had ever seen, and never had she been allowed to see the world outside of the palace. One day she complaine... of this to her closest friend, the servant who had nursed her as a child, saying "It is not fair! Other maidens of this land are free to wander where they please, and associate with whomever they will. I however remain in the palace, and I have no marriage prospects, because no man dares to violate my beloved father's wishes."Her words moved the. “I CLEARLY SAID NO NUTS! THEY MAKE ME VERY ILL!” she yelled at him.He did his best to try to calm her down. When he offered to have the vegetables replaced, she told him no. She didn’t want to give them another chance to poison her. Desi managed to calm herself down, at least a bit, and get back to trying to eat the rest of her meal.The dried, burn parts of the chicken, on the hidden underside, Desi cut off and put on the pile with the vegetables.As the chicken breast thickened up, she found. "Miranda, this is going to take a while, I'm sure," Mathias says, his shoulders slumping. "Just do me a favor and keep an eye on Mr. Williamson. He should be fine, but if there's any change at all or if he starts to wake up, let me know." Miranda assures him she will, and Dr. Mathias leaves the office, the door closing soundly behind him. Miranda sits down on one of the small swiveling chairs, playing with her light brown hair, bored as she waits for the doctor to return. She glances at Mr.. You understand, just visiting friends and stuff happens.”Art didn’t look impressed. “Did you drink with those friends every night? Have a few puffs on a cigarette every night?”He had guessed the truth and I couldn’t bring myself to lie. “Well I had a few beers, but I didn’t smoke more than one or two at the most. That’s the truth, I promise!”He took my hand and walked me over to the chair in the middle of the room. “You promised your mom you would never smoke when you were a teenager. You broke.
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