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He’d never been angrier with himself than was in that moment. ‘I shouldn’t have doubted that she might actually exist. I could have been searchi...g for her ages ago!’ His thoughts were frantic. What if he’d lost her before he’d ever even laid eyes on her. “Oh, baby, I’m so sorry.” He repeated this into her hair, his lips pressed to the top of her head. She pushed at his chest because she wanted to look up at him and he loosened his hold on her. Just barely, for he had no intention of letting her. Then we have the issue that she and her brother are trying to see who can go the longest between showering before someone takes them out back, strips them, and hoses them off. It doesn’t help that she doesn’t seem to get that she needs to wash very well after her period. You’re doing her a big favor because I’m perfectly fine with her getting another nasty yeast infection that requires an overnight hospital stay. I’m not going to fight her doctor noting on her chart about her using various. So he says Naked it is then.. He stripped and in he went.. Looking at me while I stripped and slid in... WOW.. was that water COLD... He did not mention the Pool was not heated or if he did I missed that part of the conversation.. We are both Naked and sitting on the edge of the pool did not help warm me up.. When I got back in my thighs ended up next to his thighs.. Now this is a Pretty big Guy.. His Thighs are very large and warm.. Very Warm.. I am not Pulling away so as he presses against me. He removed his cock i wiled my eyes to see his slightly bent raging hardon before me he reached over and put his cigar in a ash tray i stood and removed my shoes pants and boxers Folded them and sat them on the couch arm he bent me over the back of the couch knees on the seat legs spread wide i began to stroke my dick i was facing looking into his kitchen waiting for his touch antisipating how he would feel I felt extreme cold suddenly spray onto my ass hole causing it to button up tight.
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