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Our whirlwind of lust gliding us, guiding us around the room, a path of sexual destruction. Two naked bodies becoming one. Fingers, mouths, tongues an... teeth; burning paths of pleasure over each others skin. Thighs part as our fingers probe, so eager and demanding, a yearning no longer restrained. Moans escape our lips, breathing heavily into each others mouths, our want and need the greatest I have ever known. Breasts heaving with passion, sensual, sexual, raw. We hold each other, not ever. “It is warm,” she remarked.“We use warm water for an enema -- it’s relaxing to the colon.”“Feels kinda nice, actually.”I refilled the bulb. “Here’s number two,” I announced as I slid in the nozzle and squeezed the bulb, emptying it into her. I refilled it and spread her buttocks for the third insertion. Her anus was tensed and tight. “Helen -- relax.”“I feel like I have to go,” she said. “I’m trying to hold it back.”I caressed her back. “Try taking long, deep breaths and working the muscles in. ‘Now you and your girlfriends have fun,’ she said as she took Bill’s arm and followed him out the door. He could not be sure that Bill did not smirk ever so slightly over his shoulder as they strolled down the walkway to the waiting limousine. There could be no doubt that Bill had gone all out on this evening. Did he really believe nothing was going to happen except dancing? Carol closed the door and turned him toward the waiting group of women. He was not sure what all he expected that night,. . . feminine. There was no other word for it. Heran his hands over his thighs again and again. Feeling a rough spothe applied more cream and ran the razor over it. Smooth. It wassuddenly an exhilarating experience. A depilating experience. Hefelt his arms and without thinking began to shave them as well. Heeven shaved the straggly first signs of puberty under his arms.Sleep came easily that night despite the strangeness he felt as thesheets moved against his hairless body. The next day he.
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