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I really do love your mom, this isn't lust or anything like that, in case you didn't get the memo, it's what we had. It's not just sex,” Jeanette re...lied.“I get it Jeanette,” I said.So 2 weeks later, Jeanette was officially moved in with my mom. On the bright side, we officially had the house to ourselves. One Wednesday John came home with some flowers.“What are these for?” I asked.“What? Can't a guy bring his lovely wife some flowers?” John asked as he put them on the end table.“Well I. The grin on her face widened in proportion to the difficulty the tires had gripping the cool, dry blacktop. "Got tired of sitting in the garage with your hood up, huh? I told you it would be more fun if you would just start working!" Her green eyes widened with excitement as she rocketed towards the summit, music blaring. "Oh yeah, Bullitt time! Steve McQueen and that Mustang got nothing on us!" Liv knew that if she hit the top fast enough, she and the car would become airborne for one shining. I was fearful that I knew what was coming; Tia, O'Kei and I were placed belly down on rolling carts still bound, our clothes were cut off without removing the rope we were bound with, that scared me. An older looking man and two women came in and seemed to be checking us out medically. One woman wrote things down on a clipboard as the man spoke but it was not English. The other woman was setting up a small tray like stand. The woman with the clipboard walked out and the other pushed the cart up. I was looking constantly at her with all my desires, she didn’t dare to look back at me, may be she had a sense of guilt I guess but I bet she understood all my desires. And the damage had been done so all my desires were building in me. She was just four feet away from me, I was thinking to sit over her on the chair itself faced to her side crush my chest over her boobs and start to kiss her red lips and my wildest fantasy to tongue fuck her belly button.As I gathered courage my grandma came.
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