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Kings of the air, indeed! The huge birds screeched as they arrowed down towards the Scanian cavalry. I saw the horses rear up in terror at the noise o... it.The eagles dropped the huge rocks they were carrying and the cavalry advance became a static, bloody mess.Even as the Iolairean pulled out of their dives and climbed away to the north, my eyes darted to a small rise on the Scanian side of the River. Our forty archers now stood and began to loose off volley after volley of arrows. The eagles. She readily agreed and we headed up. When I arrived at the ropes off area Stelios, an associate I met earlier, recognized me and let us both in. George saw me and waved us over. Rhianna sat down and introduced herself. George smiled at me and winked. I then slipped over my takings. He seemed a lil shocked I’d sold it all so quickly. “My brother” he exclaimed and hugged me. “I knew you’d fit in well here. Tonight I’m going to make a special night for you” he then looked straight at me and. "Let me know if it gets uncomfortable." She perused the data as it streamed to her tablet computer. "No bullet fragments, that's good. Assuming they weren't all clean in and out shots, your body must have expelled them while it was healing itself. You have highly developed sensory organs, on the level of predatory species. Which I suppose you are, after a fashion. Let me guess, you have exemplary hearing, can see clearly even in near total darkness, and can distinguish individual people by. I just want to be sure she is safe and not end up back under his control." To cover you on this just say that she has been out sick and under the care of a Doctor and will be back soon. That's not a lie since Dr. Arnold is involved." Miss Jasmine laughed and said, "you have it all worked out nicely. I will cooperate with you and do everything here to protect Rachel. It's also nice that we don't have to lie, just not tell the whole story."Nita said, "That's right. No one needs to know. Abby told.
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