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You listen as I say:“I’ve got you; I’ve got you; I’ve got you; I’ve got you. Release. Release everything. Everything you’ve held back. You...are safe. I've got you." And I do, and you do too. A cathartic tidal wave of orgasmic squirt, wetting everything beneath you. Palpable emotion, from letting me in, present in every breath. One wave crashes as the next crescendos. Like a surfer's perfect set, your cries become a harmonious rhythm with your most intimate self. It seems as though it may never. "Back home, I knew about lesbians and gays and bi-sexuals. But this is the first time I had ever actually met someone who I knew wasn't straight. I felt kind of awkward inside. I wasn't repulsed, I was just thinking of Atheria differently than I had before."Lucas, I desire you and Gianna, but I know that you humans commonly develop feelings of jealousy when your mates indulge in pleasures with another. I do not want to do anything to create jealousy between you and Gianna." I don't really know. Some changes had taken place during the transition that seemed puzzling but in retrospect I sensed that they were the best options for conflicting data. My watch was back on my wrist and the time was only minutes after my shift in time back into the last century in that subway train in Brooklyn.It felt reassuring on my hand like an old friend keeping me company at a difficult time. My hair was cut short like it had been before I went on my eight year journey into the past. My clothing was only. I would feel her pull my hands up slightly but I would keep going to push her to her limit. If she pulled firm, I would move them up to just under her tits, and work them up, feeling the under side of her bra. She let me go further up there and I would end up rubbing the undersides of her bra real good with my hands. By now she was panting and had closed her eyes. She would leaning her head back on me. I was making her hot, and we both knew it. We lived just the two of us, dad died when I was.
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