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A short time later we were back in North Street and I noticed a couple of Asian teenagers hanging around on a street corner. I told Alan to pull up a...ongside them. One was tall and thin with a goatee and the other shorter and plump with long hair. Exiting the car I walked slowly over to them and started to talk pointing over to the car. Alan flicked the lights on inside the car and opened the window nearest to Louise from his front controls and I turned to see her looking out at me with a. He watched as she tentatively wrapped fingers around his shaft and began to stroke him. She was leaned over, her face inches from the tip, seeming to examine it carefully. Frank’s hands appeared on her butt cheeks. She grunted and sighed softly. Then she looked up and stared Alan straight in the eye as she took the engorged tip into her mouth. Her cheeks puckered. Her head moved up and down, her hand pulling on the shaft. The room filled with wet, slurping, sucking sounds. There were grunts. . oh good 14 of you’ I hope your all Very full of your sticky stuff Ha ha? Oh god yeah ... We’ve been saving it all up for you’ Oh you are good boys’ I thought I might put a show on for you all before we really get going! Yeahh’ With that she went off for a min then came back with around 5 Dildo’s’ Do you like my friends? Wow yeah ... Do you play with them a lot then? Oh god yeah’She put on the ipod then started to slowly undress herself’ Can we film it & take pics like last time Elaine’ Yeah. " Oh my God," she laughed, "that term is so ridiculously out of date." See? I'm so out of the loop that I can't even get my euphemisms right." I smiled at her, and she smiled back."You know, Josh, I could help you get ready," she said. "I know a lot about sex." Sorry, but I'm not having sex with my sister." I wanted to smack myself when I said that - of course I wanted to have sex with my sister!"Bullshit. Take your pants off." I was glad she said that, to be honest, but I couldn't let the.
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