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More spit makes him go deeper. He kicks your legs apart and you sink down on his fingers. It’s intense but he holds them inside of you and gives a f...rm rub to your prostate as you feel his wet, hard cock slide up between your legs and run alongside your own. Back and forth he slides against your length, giving you a taste of what will soon be buried inside of you.The weight of balls rest against your own with each slide forward. Your asshole tightens in anticipation. You grow restless and push. The florescent lights were harsh on the eyes this set a dull mood for the plane. Most of the people on this plane were older guys in suits, most likely business people catching last minute flights to see clients. I finally found I was thankful to see there was a chubby girl about my age, early 20's, with pulled-back dirty blond hair and a spaghetti-strap purple blouse. She was sitting looking out the window. Better her than some old guy drooling on me that was for sure.I sat down took my. Tranquility bathed me.”“Which one is he?”“Tranquility is female.”“Sorry I missed that,” he said with a smile.I poured the water on his cock and stroked it. He knew I enjoyed touching him.“I hate to bathe alone. Why don’t you join me and explain your ritual?” He said.“I’m really not supposed to,” I said as I continued to stroke his cock.“It will be our little secret.”“We don’t keep secrets here. You’ll need to learn that.”“Bathe with me and teach me what I need to learn.”Reluctantly, I. Oh, fucking Jesus, Mother... that is so good what you're doing now."Carol was using both her hands, squeezing the slippery rubber cock through her palms as if it was a bar of soap."Come on, my lovely boy... spunk for Mummy... give me lots and lots of cream..." And even before Carol had completed her playfully goading sentence, Jason felt his insides tighten, like an arrow being drawn back in the bow, then the release and the loosening of the arrow."Woo, woo, woo! Oh yes, Jay, look at that what.
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