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The tongue-wrestling match was pretty much a draw, but my 5 inch cock sword was no match for his 7 plus inch sword. We were all over each other. I sus...ect that if we were horizontal on my bed we would have rolled around and explored our bodies with our hands, tongues and dicks for quite a while.We come up for air and he takes his jacket off and bunches it up with one hand, while he is gliding me down until I am sitting with my legs straight out. He places his jacket between my head and the. I locked up my purse and our clothes in the lockers provided and took my sexy bitch boi by the hand and led him back to the night clubEvery eye in the whole place was on us as we entered the club. All the people in the club were now dressed much differently. No longer in their street clothes Debbie must have clued them all in on my little surprise for my sexy slave. Standing in front of a table in the middle of the club I grasped Stephens chin moved my lips to his ear and told him "Tonight my. .i could see she wanted her nipple to be played with and sucked, but i lingered and blew my warm breath at her nipple and just touched it with my lips...she quivered and begged for it to be sucked... i happily obliged and took the whole nipple into my mouth and sucked and sucked to my hearts content....the car was all steamy and is could actually smell her sweat and the smell of her arousal...i did the same to her left boob as well and she was now all flushed and waiting for more....i touched. The hand rubbing me harder and faster, the lips parted, letting the cool air shock the tip of my dick. The other hand was now gently caressing my balls, rubbing gently along the bottom. I felt the tongue come back out at the bottom of my shaft, gently circling there as the hand continued to work me, then suddenly it moved up to the tip and the shock and change was too much for me, I came with a convolution and a moan, my semen spraying out in three hard bursts, hitting, I'm sure, whoever is.
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