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Nonetheless, it was fairly dark on both the porch and their yard and no one seemed to notice them standing on the porch.John flicked his cigarette asi...e and pulled Kelly around for an appreciative hug. “I can’t fucking believe what just happened.”Kelly said, “Yeah me neither. That was not a plan of mine.”“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have cum in your mouth!”Kelly girl-slugged his arm. “That’s not your fault. I couldn’t control myself. You didn’t have a chance. I’m a bad girl. I can’t control. Since she and John had started this thing, she had discovered she loved being naked in front of others, particularly James and Kelly, the Toys. She flaunted herself at every opportunity, and she knew that lately, John loved watching her do this, since it turned him on watching her tease with her nudity. Her high heels gave an extra touch of class, and shapeliness to her legs. He brought the filmy wet panties to his nose and inhaled, wiped them lightly over his face. James recognized her. It was 2:00 a.m. She rushed to the door of the bedroom. “Do you need help?” she asked. He was turning and twisting in bed and even from the door she could see the sweat running down his face.“It’s the pain killers. And the chemo,” Bob said. “I have terrible dreams. I’m afraid of the dark.” He was still trying to catch his breath between sobs and his cheeks were streaked with tears. “I’m glad you’re here.”She wet a towel in the bathroom, sat down on the bed beside him and wiped away the sweat on. I grinned as she nodded. Grabbing her by the hips, I lifted her and brushed her clit with the head of my cock. "Nnnnnnnn...", she moaned loudly."You want it?", I teased softly as I rocked forward barely slipping the head between her lips."Yes!"."I’m sorry, what did you say?", I asked as my fingers teased her clit."Please", she whimpered.With a growl I thrusts forwards, crushing her hands to the pillar wall and filling her cunt to the hilt. Fuck, she was tight!. My whole cock was encased in.
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