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"Put the gloves on, dear, they are for you!" he heard her say. He tookthe pair of pink leather gloves from the top, and slipped them on. It waseasy, t...ey were a bit too big for him."Pull them up tight; make sure you've pushed your fingers in them as faras possible. Yes, just like that..."The gloves went inches above his wrists. They were supple and nice. Hewiggled his fingers, admiring them.Mrs Driver appeared behind him, holding a long pink silk ribbon in herright hand."Hands behind your back,. The slight pain she felt shot through her as she rested on Williams chest heaving in exhilaration and exhaustion. William, having lost his virginity, buried deep into the tight vaginal canal of his sister, trying hard to keep from shooting a load into her before getting to enjoy the actual act of fucking her, kissed Ann fully on the lips. Thank you, Sis. You mean so much to me. Im so glad it was you that shared this with me. His eyes filled with tears, as did Anns. Her teardrops fell onto his. “Yeah Daddy, pound my Tight Ass, Pound it up my Fucking Guts Lover!” I screamed at him. “You want my fucking nut it your Ass, huh, you dirty little Bitch!”He shot back. Looking him straight in the eye’s and clenching my teeth I told him to Cum in my Ass “Shoot your hot juice deep into my Pussy Daddy, C’mon, fucking cum in my Ass, Cum inside of me!” Talking dirty to him I then licked into His. ..He then started getting dressed, bikini and bra on first, then squigglinginto the mini, then the top and finally shoes. He dabbed a little makeupon. Not much, but his face had cleared up so much not much was needed. Hethen put on the wig. And turned to the mirror. There he saw...LESLIE.No doubt about it, it was her. Down to the big eyes and pouty lips. Anillusion he thought, but he didn't question why or how. And his mind wasa little fuzzy on why he looked like another girl... After all, he.
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