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I need to get out of the house anyway. Beth said. "Brandy and Brenda are coming over for dinner. Is there going to be enough for everyone?" Charlotte ...aid."There will be after Beth and I get back from the grocery store. We need a few things and this is as good a time as any to go down there. Do you want to go with us, or stay here and play house with Fred?" Sandy said."I better go with you guys. Fred will need his strength later and if I stay here I may just have my way with him again.". Not the best part of town,but it's my only way to get home. I am in my grey business suit. Grey jacket,grey knee length skirt,black blouse,black pantyhose,black panties and bra,brunette wig and black heels. As I walk, the people that are out,glance my way,checking me out as I go through their neighborhood. Run down row houses,old abandoned buildings,adult bookstores on almost every corner. It's pretty seedy. As I approach the intersection of 5th street and Main,there are 5 guys hanging out.. One took a real liking to Vicki. Being that close for that long, he had to know Vicki was a guy. They started making out in the seats right at the bar. Seeing two guys kiss has never been a turn on for me, but this was different. I thought it was very hot. The alcohol and the visual all around me made my body start to tingle. The friend chatting with me was going to get lucky. I needed to suck a cock soon. Just then his phone rang, and he took the call. Whatever it was about, he pulled his. ”Wyatt looked at me with a slightly envious look, the poor boy was jealous that someone else had kissed the tits that he adored.“Don’t worry you did a lot better at that than he did.” I say laying my hand on Wyatt’s chest. “When he was done kissing me my heart was racing! I had only seen a naked guy in porn but then Spencer took of his shirt and I was like, oh my god it is happening.”Wyatt nodded along as I shared, not wanting to interrupt for fear of being tickled again. “Then he took his.
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