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” He stammered and blushed crimson at the stupidity of his own words, stumbling over them in a desperate attempt to present them to her. As if it we...e a shield he held the laptop out in front of him, towards her.Her face lit up with an excited smile and she stepped forward to take it from him. Plucking it from his tense fingers and setting it on an end table just inside the door, the wine glass still precariously balanced in her delicate grip. “Thank you soooo much! Aren’t you just the sweetest. We kept in frequent touch by text and email, thinking the phone was too risky. I was very careful about erasing any texts or emails that might give us away, but two or three times I nearly got caught with an incriminating email on the screen when my wife walked into the room. When I wasn’t thinking about my relationship withTom, I was feeling guilty about the lying and sneaking involved in seeing him on the sly. Nearly every night I lay awake thinking about my betrayal of the woman I still. Of course, I will be in this cast for a while, I guess, which sucks. So much for my last summer before college!" he said. Barbara and Connie just looked at each other, neither of them saying anything about what the doctor told them.While Connie stayed with Tommy, Barbara went off to do her shift. After work, Barbara returned to his room and visited with him for a while before the two girls left for home. Tommy enjoyed spending the day with Connie, but he wished he wasn't so banged up so he. “It’s kinda rainy. Can I wait in your house until the rain calms down?” Jasmine meekly nodded. “My parents aren’t home though.” Andre smirked and knew exactly what to do.Once they got in the house, Andre wasted no time and immediately started kissing the Asian. Despite claiming that she didn’t him, Jasmine kissed back and moaned. Then Andre reached under her shirt and started to grab her tits over her bra. “Andre, I don’t want to get pregnant or lose my virginity.” “It’s okay. You won’t.” Andre.
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