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“I will give you only one warning” said John. “Do that again and I will double the number and start again”. “But I can’t” she cried. ...��It is hurting far too much”. “It will remind you not to cheat again” John said in an unsympathetic voice. Reluctantly she resumed her position. He suggested to Sarah “You might hold her wrists to save her jumping up and getting an increased punishment” Sarah twisted her hands around and grasped Joan’s wrists. “Craack” “Craack” “Craack” he. She sounded fine. But I guess ‘sounded’ was the key word there. So I told them what was going on. “She seems fine. She wasn’t crying or anything like that. She said she was fine. So I guess we’ll find out in 20 minutes now. I’m not sure what to think right now,” I said. “OK then. She didn’t sound distressed or anything like that?” Jack asked. “No, I got nothing. I mean she gave me nothing. So I guess we just need to be patient for a little while,” I replied. “OK then. What about John?” Lee. Bharati devi unaware of all this , bathing and thinking of someone to satisfy her. Though she had an affair with the maid servant in her house few years back, but that person is now working in other house as that lady is paying more as well as having sex with the servant. Servant name is babu. Though babu used to come atleast twice in a month to satisfy his lust for bharati devi , but that is not enough for bharati devi. Bharati devi was thinking how babu used to insert his finger in her. I tried to push my dick. I thought it would be free and enter easily, as she was married for the last 3 years.But to shocking reality, she was crying as if a virgin. I asked her y r you crying. She told me that its hurting her as her husband never put his dick inside of her so much and I was pushing it very deep into her pussy. I told her that I was only half way through. She was then confused and asked me, “Nijam aa, inka lopaliki velthunda”(Really? Will it go more inside”).I said I was only.
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