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“899.2 grams of Mana Crystal Shards. The current exchange rate is 22 grams for 1 credit. Would you like the credits deposited into your team’s acc...unt, or split between every team member?”“The team account is fine.”He did some typing and then looked back up. “Alright, 40.5 credits were deposited into your account. Now, you said you needed Minor Identification perks? They’re currently 92 credits each. How many would you like?”“We’ll take five, please. I’ll cover the purchase, they can pay me. " You mentioned her name yesterday. Doesn't she own Trend magazine?"Meredith nodded. "And about a dozen others." Alright. So, I'm a free thinker," Maya said. "How did she do it?Is she a healer?"Meredith shook her head, gulped, and launched into her explanation."She is a non-human creature called a lilim. She used some sort ofcrystal to rid my body of cancer. In the past few days, she has sether sights on your friend Cassandra Albornos. I fear she is enslavingthe girl, though I know not. ." I began again."Two!" she interrupted, before adding, "For a teacher, you do not learn very fast."I paused, suddenly realizing my predicament, and unsure how to get out of it. Reluctantly, fearing what her wrath may bring, I unzipped her boot and took it off her foot. Without a word, she switched her footing and presented me with her other boot. I repeated the task and began to stand up."Did I give you permission to stand?" she roared, her anger dripping with poison.I fell back onto my knees. ‘Why did you leave home, Teddy? Mom and I were miserable, you were gone so suddenly. We miss you so much, it isn’t the same without you.’ Brandy sighed. She snuggled close and then her mouth closed over his and they were kissing like it was the most natural thing in the world. Their lips mingled in urgent passion and they fell back on the grass with their tongues and teeth and lips moving hot together until Ted broke the embrace. ‘No — we can’t!’ Ted protested. ‘Brandy, this is the reason I.
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