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Dad informed us that He and Mom and my two sisters would be leaving early tomorrow morning to Mom moms and Pop pops, My dads parents,and Bill was in c...arge.Dad also informed Bill that he and Charlie would have to finish the job and that it would only take part of the day and Doug could watch me until they returned, "Oh Great" I thought to my self, he'll be picking on me and their would be no one here to rescue me.....and Dad said in a stern voice," and there will be no ruff-housing,UNDERSTOOD"I. Ludwig continued, tapping his foot nervously, his tone somewhat apologetic: "In any case, some should stay behind and help the monastery, at the least. It might be just as good as setting up camp elsewhere."Ethan's response was terse: "Makes sense." Not a lot of it makes sense to me, Richard. I want to help, but this mess..." Having second thoughts?" Ethan said, staring blankly at the rose red morning sky, hands on his waist."Wouldn't you? I mean, after everything is said and done, is it worth. She was desperate, she was sobbing, looking straight into his eyes, they tears tumbling down her cheeks and dripping onto her neck…“You’re ready, my Angelslut, Soon now ssshhhh”His prick travelled slowly from the top of her swollen lips downwards towards her entrance as he watched her raise herself onto her tiptoes, her exhalations coming in short gasps as she waited.“Open your eyes. Look at me..”“I need you to relax and open yourself, do it now, stay still and I will show you what it feels. I laughed as he sighed at my sheathed form and it was my turn to stroke his long glossy hair as he nuzzled my crotch. I pulled away and he growled softly. I dropped onto all fours and shook from nose to tail like a dog, and once I was finished I was on four good feet, tail curving up like a husky and feral. This way my legs were longer, narrow like the wolves I took after, and my mane redder and more pronounced. I scented the wind and Kieran stood up, and ran his fingers through my fur. I.
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